prezi: the presentation platform of perfectionists

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This semester, I have been working on a case study of the non-profit charity: water for my PR writing class. I’ve had a lot of fun learning about this amazing organization and researching their innovative uses of different social media platforms. To complete the project, I had to do an oral presentation that I imagined was being presented to attendees of the 2012 Social Media for Non-Profits Conference.

Many of my classmates chose PowerPoint for their presentations, which is completely fine, but I knew that I wanted my presentation to stand out. I wanted it to have personality and flair while still being professional. Enter Prezi.

Prezi is an amazing presentation source that is a perfect alternative to PowerPoint. Prezi allows your to create flawless looking presentations and create a “path” for them. You then use tools that allow you to zoom in and out, spin, create colorful frames, and embed YouTube videos, documents, pictures, and more. Best of all, Prezi is cloud based, so creating your work at home and presenting it at the office is a breeze.

It took me an hour or two to learn how Prezi functions, but after playing with it I can now say that I am hooked. My class presentation stunned my classmates (and my professor!) and showed off my creativity and design capabilities. PowerPoint is a thing of the past after Prezi.

Prezi isn’t just for flashy school projects, however. It is a great tool for educators and has even been used by organizations such as Coca-Cola and TED. Plus, it’s iPad friendly, so you can easily use it for business meetings and even job interviews.

You can view the Prezi I created by clicking the picture below:


Have you used Prezi for work or school? Tell me about your experience! Comment here!